LoviSil® cable joints

LoviSil® joints are developed on the basis of fluid silicones, a technology that can boast 30 years proven field experience with a an extremely low failure rate. Thanks to the construction and characteristics of the silicone-based insulation material, the LoviSil® joint is particularly suitable for applications with both polymeric and paper-insulated cables. It is not only the ideal transition joint, but it is also often used as universal straight through joint.

Silicone-filled straight through joints LoviSil®

The connection of medium voltage cables can be accomplished easily with a LoviSil® straight through joint. When used on polymeric cable
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Silicone-filled transition joints LoviSil®

Where cable joints are to be installed on existing networks,, you are often confronted with transitional situations...
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Silicone-filled branch joints LoviSil®

LoviSil® branch joints will accommodate all cable configurations together in one joint. No external transition joints needed, resulting in smaller excavation and...
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Silicone-filled loop joints LoviSil®

A standard branch joint can be used as a loop joint. Where this application is used, the cables do not have to be re-routed...
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Silicone-filled repair joints LoviSil®

A quick and simple way to repair damage to medium voltage cables, is a standard cable joint with...
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Sillicone-filled crossbonding joints LoviSil®

To prevent compensating currents in earthing plates, a cross-bonding joint based on the LoviSil® technology...
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Feed in joint for sustainable energy

A cable joint suitable for supplying power to the existing network through wind mills. That was the question of a German utility ...
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