Protolin® polyurethane resins

Protolin® cast resins are two-part resins based on polyurethane, and are used as insulation material for medium voltage cable accessories. The resin is suitable for applications with polymeric and paper-insulated cables. Protolin® cast resins are supplied in a twin compartment foil pouch. The bag has handless, a filling spout and color indicator, which allows jointers to see when the resin has been properly mixed.


Protolin® cast resin is mixed safely and simply in closed packing. After this, the resulting resin is poured from this packing directly into the closed joint. The homogeneous mass flows out into cavities very well and while curing the
resin is insensitive to any water or moisture in the cable.



Protolin® cast resins comply with the requirements of CENELEC HD 631.1.

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