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Lovink Enertech places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. We feel responsible for the impact our business activities have on people and the environment. We would thus like to show how we focus on CSR.


1. Environment


We manufacture cable accessories that help to provide uninterrupted electricity supply. It is not (yet) possible to manufacture our products without using chemical components. The distribution of electricity must be appropriately safeguarded and these specific components are essential in effectively insulating cable joints. Our products have been designed with a life span of up to 40 years and our main product group is subject to a fault percentage of 0.05%, which is exceptionally low in this sector.


Production process

We implement an environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001, whereby risks and management initiatives are established in an environment plan. This involves focussing on efficiency programmes for the production process. Energy-efficient production is one of our main objectives. In addition, we also aim to manage and reduce waste flows.



Not only do we adopt a critical stance towards our own production process but, in the interest of socially-responsible acquisitions, we also critically monitor our suppliers. In terms of chemicals, we only collaborate with A-rated suppliers who use raw produce in a sustainable manner within their business operations.


New developments

Lovink Enertech is an innovative company that invests circa 5% of its turnover in product development and engineering aimed at existing products. The vulnerability of humans and the environment is always considered when new developments are evaluated. Naturally, the aim is to design new products that help to keep vulnerability to a minimum. Suppliers are contacted early in this process, which allows us to make sustainable choices in terms of materials.


2. Humans



We implement a Health & Safety Policy within our company, which concentrates on the health and safety of our employees. Furthermore, we feel it is our responsibility to continuously work alongside employees in shaping and enhancing their development.


We also afford the same level of care to people who work with the products manufactured by Lovink. User convenience is always considered when developing new products. In addition, we also place a great deal of attention on training users and compiling installation and safety instructions.



Wherever possible, we outsource work to companies that display corporate social responsibility, such as institutions that employ people with limited possibilities.

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