“Together we are creating a secure future”

Lovink Enertech concluded an agreement in 2010 with Gelderpoort, the training and examinations location of the (Dutch) contractor Van Gelder. This company is authorized to train jointers in the assembling of LoviSil® joints.

Jaap Slijkhuis is the training coordinator at Gelderpoort, which trains its own staff (20%) and external personnel (80%). “We are in a reasonably unique position. Mainly due to our national coverage and the many joint ventures with education and business enterprises”, says Jaap Slijkhuis.


Realistic in-service simulation

What are special are the circumstances under which practice is carried out. Jaap Slijkhuis says “Everything is reproduced as realistically as possible. Here, we have a complete compact station where the low and medium-voltage cables can be connected. The joints are then installed in a ‘sand box’ thus simulating everyday practice. The cable on which a joint is to be made is clamped in between other cables and leads. This also enables you to see whether someone is working safely.”


The vital importance of training

Jaap Slijkhuis believes both Van Gelder and Lovink Enertech attach great importance to quality and good training. “The LoviSil® joint is an excellent product that is simple to install. We agree that the final result depends on the quality of the installation.” Jaap Slijkhuis is therefore also pleased with the agreement between the two companies. “This enables us to create a secure future together. The cooperation is coming along great.”

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