Application of branch joints in a Dutch wind farm

Dutch utility  Stedin has successfully used a Lovisil® branch joint. The aim was to connect a number of windmills on one industrial site. The recent project was run by the Wind Department at Joulz Energy Solutions, which is responsible for the design and installation of the cabling.

Significant savings

The order was awarded by tender, in which both quality and price played a crucial role. Because three turbines were placed in a star formation, cable run designs were of particular importance. The aim was to find a smart solution, and this was exactly what was found in the LoviSil® branch joint. This provided savings, not only in terms of layout and equipment costs such as the cable length, but also significantly lowered the excavation costs. A further advantage is that almost all cable sizes can be connected within the branch joint.

Marcel de Bruijn, Wind Program Manager at Joulz, explains: “Our work preparation department presented a number of solutions, and the branch joint was the most cost-efficient of these. This was the deciding factor in where we received the order."

Training on the job

In addition, Lovink Enertech allowed a different type of training to be provided for the jointers. Instruction and supervision for installation was given on location by a Lovink Enertech technical specialist, creating ‘training on the job’. The jointers were awarded certificates, enabling them to install LoviSil® branch joints in the future. “There is an upturn in the construction of wind farms, so there may well be an increased demand for this type of application in the future” says Marcel de Bruijn.

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