In conversation with Alfie Jones and Steve McGhee of Manx Electricity Authority

“A major driver was the quality of engineering, taking priority over price”

For more than 10 years Manx Electricity Authority, based in the Isle of Man (UK), have worked with LoviSil® 11kV cable joints. Recently they introduced the 33kV range and are now planning to include LoviSil® joints at this voltage as the norm.

Long term reliability

 In 2002 a pilot project led to the selection of LoviSil® transition joints. At that time Manx scheduled a major program of replacing key assets, which would continue for ten years or more. Cables Engineer Steve McGhee: “Additionally, we were keen to reduce business risks. LoviSil® joints offered us the opportunity to do this by improving reliability, reducing repair costs and improving safety by removing the need for hot works.”

Professional approach

LoviSil® joints are considered as high end products, produced with the emphasis on quality and reliability of supply. Steve McGhee continues, “The products are highly reliable, remarkably adaptable to all cable types that are used on the network. To be able to adapt easily to the unexpected is really an advantage, especially when this can be accomplished easily from a modest stock of cable modules at low cost.” Alfie Jones, Underground Supervisor - Asset Reliability Team adds: “Regarding our experience of Lovink as a company, we have benefitted from a most professional approach. Being island based, a reliable supply of materials is most essential. We are treated with the same respect and care shown to much larger utilities.”


Greater use

Both engineers were very satisfied with how the 33kV joints have been developed drawing on proven technology used at lower voltages. A significant factor in selecting the 33kV range was similarity in jointing processes used at 11kV, aiding greater confidence within the jointers. Alfie Jones explains, “We do not have extensive 33 kV networks on the island. Correspondingly the amount of jointing done at that voltage is small. This means that formerly, in order to keep the requisite skill levels up, we need to revisit them by means of refresher courses. However, if we can use the same skills at 33kV as those used at 11 kV, familiarity with good practice is maintained because of greater use.” During recently organized training attended by Lovink staff, attendees expressed appreciation for the similarities in design to the 11 kV joint, feeling this was of great benefit.

Regarding future expectations Steve McGhee concludes: “We look forward to a continued professional relationship with Lovink Enertech, continuing to focus on well engineered quality products which are both innovative and flexible in approach.”

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