At Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt am Main, Infraserv is responsible for the energy supply and maintaining the networks.

“Positive experiences with Lovink Enertech's oil refill joint”

In connection with the necessary renewals at the industrial park, in 2012 the old oil cable terminations were replaced with polymer cable terminations in the medium-voltage network. It was not necessary to replace paper-insulated cable straight away, so transition joints were looked at.

“However, in order to ensure reliability, it is important that the paper-insulated cables always contain sufficient oil, which is an important function of the oil cable termination” explains Kai Krebs, who is technically responsible at Infraserv. “We sought contact with Lovink Enertech for this problem because in the past, we had had a positive experience with their LoviSil® transition joints”.

The Engineering and Development department devised a solution within the LoviSil® concept: an oil refill joint. Via a special construction, a connection is made from the lead sheaths to an oil reservoir, as a result of which the cable is continuously fed with oil. Use of Lovink Enertech's oil refill joint is now providing the paper-insulated cables with optimum protection.

The joint has been in use for some time and the benefits are becoming obvious. Kai Krebs explains: “By using this joint, we can keep the existing network in use for many years to come.”

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