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Lovink Enertech is known for reliable solutions. For more than 90 years, our cable accessories have been used with great success on the electricity grid. With extensive know-how and experience we are working daily on applications guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply.

Cable joints LoviSil®

LoviSil® joints are developed on the basis of fluid silicones, a technology that can boast 30 years ...
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Special applications LoviSil®

How range-taking LoviSil® joints are, becomes clear from the many customer-specific applications that ...
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Terminations LoviFlex®

LoviFlex® terminations are made of an extremely elastic silicone rubber with high tracking resistance, ...
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Polyurethane resins Protolin®

Protolin® cast resins are two-part resins based on polyurethane, and are used as insulation material ...
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